procrastination, rain, and you

Goodness! It’s been two months since I’ve posted anything!

We’re basically in the middle of this crazy rain from hurricane Joaquin. So, we’ve got that going for us. Luckily, we are okay. I’ve been watching the weather channel like crazy. I’m basically a meteorologist now. Before Joaquin it rained here for a week and a half straight, and yet it continues to rain. This weather is for the ducks…and our drought…and the well being of the ecosystem…and my lemon tree. I think he’s grown six inches since it started raining. He’s so full and focused. 

Since my last post (and I’ve planned to make these posts themselves) I’ve had a baby shower, baby (you!!), baked some yummy cookies, and I’m hosting my very first bridal shower this weekend. Wish me luck!

But until I get myself in gear, being a stay at home mom is strenuous, here’s a picture of bb (that’s what I call you).

Goodness you are precious. ❤️


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