a fork in the road

Well, when I started this blog my intention for it was just to be a generic “family/cooking/lifestyle” blog. But, as I downloaded the WordPress app and started looking around at other peoples’ blogs I see they are more personal than I would have thought. Unfortunately, I’m not the type of girl to just lay it all on the table for even the people closest to me let alone strangers. 

But then I thought my blog does need more substance and meaning. So, as we were making cookies, yes  you at five weeks old helped me make cookies for a bridal shower. (You love to be held. I think you let me put you down about twice a day.) Well, as we were making cookie dough, I thought I’d dedicate my blog to you. So, maybe at a designated age, or when I’m done writing my story, you can sit down and read about me, you, and your dad as I see us through my eyes. 

Love you, bb.


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