you in weeks

bb, you are really pulling on my heart strings lately (read everyday). 

This is my all time favorite picture of you. It was taken just four days after you were born. Your little baby eyes open. You hardly opened them until you were two and a half weeks old. Your sweet face knows nothing of the pains, sorrows, or unfairness of life. So sweet. So innocent. It knows nothing but love. Your dad’s love. My love.

  This is your dad’s favorite picture of you. I can see why. You’re adorable. You’re wearing our favorite onsie; it looks adorable on you. You look so comfortable and safe in my arms. It’s where you love to be. I hope you never grow out of that. 
  This is you today. Your bed head gets me everytime. Your lamby jammies. Your big, alert, and loving eyes. My arms are where you love to be. My heart is where you’ll always be. 
I know you’ll grow older, taller, and independent, but you’ll always be my baby. My first baby. 

Love you.


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