our plus a day

Well B, we’ve had a hard week plus a day. It’s taken me a while to post anything about it. At first, I thought it best to just leave it be and bypass these trying times and not post anything about it. However, my blog to you is about our life together, and unfortunately sad things happen. 

The plus a day happened last week. It was the first year anniversary of the death of my grandpa; I made mention of it a little while ago. The day was last Wednesday. I knew it was the day as soon as I woke up, and my plan was for us to go see him. I hadn’t actually been to his grave since he died. I don’t believe I have to visit him all the time to remember him. He’s everywhere to me. Anyway, I had to push myself to go. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t go. I was in a bit of denial about the whole thing to begin with. Mourning is a strange roller coaster, for me at least. 

Anyway, here we are. This picture was effortless. Your face is my internal emotion about the situation. My face is my external emotion about my internal emotion. Like I said, mourning is a strange roller coaster for me. I’m glad you were there with me for this. Thanks B, love you! 

We love you Grandpa! ❤️


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