3 month review

B, you turned three months old the other day. I can’t believe it, and I’ve loved, basically, every minute of it! I’ve gone to bed before you a few times. That’s about it. So, this will be your first review. Before now we were just gathering data for a proper first assessment. 

 They call the newborn stage (aged birth – three months) the fourth trimester. Honestly, you are an easy baby, and you’ve only gotten easier since your *hospital stay*. And now you’re losing your hair. You’ve got one hell of a Boosie fade, but it’s adorable just like everything about you. 


  Before we begin, here’s your first creation: a blanket dress; 100% cotton.

Weight: 8 pounds                                   Diaper size: newborn                                 Clothes size: newborn

  1. Me, mom! (Or as you call me Momsa) 
  2. You think you’re dad’s pretty cool too.
  3. Sleeping with me
  4. Making faces / smiling 
  5. Breastfeeding (even though we supplement with formula) 
  6. Baths
  7. tv (although I dislike that you watch it) 
  8. You’ve also been talking a lot lately and very loudly. I’m assuming you like to do this. 


  1. Being hungry (duh)
  2. Being sleepy (duh)
  3. Getting your nose sucked for boogers (You are a little congested right now, and you even hate getting a booger that’s basically hanging out of your nose extracted).
  4. Being *gasp* ignored, even though we don’t ignore you. I get it. Seperation anxiety, but we smother you.

You had a little setback with being failure to thrive, but now you’re better and just booming with personality. You’re such a happy, sweet, and loving baby, and we love you. 

  You have seriously given my life meaning. (I’m also going away to college with you. So, don’t be surprised or mad.) 
Love ya, B! 



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