my birthday + firsts

It was my 27th birthday the other day, and it was great! There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary fantastic about it, but it was one of the best because I got to spend it with you! 

It was a Wednesday, so it was filled with our normal weekday shenanigans: laundry, meals, naps, daytime tv until Dad got home. Then, we went out for dinner (mushroom and spinach quesadillas for me), piddled at Target, and then went home. Like I said, nothing crazy!

  Here we are at Target. You’re totally in to it.
I’ve been wanting to post a light-hearted list of labor & delivery and overall pregnancy firsts. So, now is a better time than never.

  1. Second time ever getting my blood drawn. It seriously used to freak. me. out. 
  2. First IV 
  3. First epidural
  4. First stitches (delivery tear)
  5. First hemmarhoid
  6.  First hospital stay

I know there are more, but these are all that are coming to me. All these were scary for me, but definitely worth it! I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

  Totally. Worth. It. 
Love you Baby Girl                                 -Mom


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