5 month (already?!) review

Bbins, you’re five. months. old. I can’t believe it. You are turning from a newborn to a little girl. You are so sweet and you are so wild. I love it. 

Weight: 12 pounds (around)             Diaper size: 1                                      Clothes: newborn & 0/3 months

*you don’t get weighed until next month. So, I guesstimated.                   **I’m still squeezing you in to newborn onsies. They are a little short, but 0/3 onsies are too loose. You do wear 0/3 pants. Long legs. Long arms. You’ll have that issue until you stop growing. I definitely did. 


  1. Smiling
  2. Screaming – you love hearing yourself in all your octaves and all your volumes
  3. Holding my hand
  4. Bathtime has been upgraded to licking water that falls down your face
  5. Sitting up
  6. Rolling around 
  7. Trying to walk – your motto seems to be “why crawl when you can walk?”
  8. Tags all shapes all sizes


  1. Crawling 
  2. Tummy time has always been a dislike of yours, but you love it now

Foods you have tasted                           You are incredibly interested in food and just love to watch people eat. You’re almost ready to start eating, so I let you taste foods from my plate.

bananas, Granny Smith apples (which you love), cantelope, olives, spinach, goat cheese, green beans. Your dad even snuck in a scant taste of ice cream which I was against. 

  Your dad picked out this Woody for you. Your love for him was instant. Love you big girl!