Happy first Easter you sweet baby.

We love you 💙


6 (and a half) month review

I’m a little behind on your monthly review. Last month I was early. Such is life!

 I don’t think much has changed in a month. You’re such a happy loving little baby. You love smiling, laughing, cuddling. You’re perfect. 💙

Weight: 15 pounds                          Diaper size: 2                                       Clothes size: 0-3 months


  • Crawling
  • Bath time
  • Toys
  • Tags are so last month
  • This month it’s shoe strings, carpet, and air vents 
  • Any and all food
  • Our cat 

  Just a funny/cute picture I snapped of you two. You love him; he loves you. 

  • Being on your back

There’s not much you dislike, but you do hate when you’re on your back getting a new diaper or getting dressed. You’re wild, and you can’t be tamed. 

Stay wildly curious my sweet baby 💙 Mom