7 month review

You’re seven months old! Is this even life? You’re growing up so fast!   

The days are long,

But the years are short

They aren’t kidding! You’re truly a delight, and my heart is so full. You have given my life purpose and meaning. I often ask myself what I was even doing with my life before I had you. 

Weight: 16 pounds                         Diaper size: 3                                       Clothes size: 0-3 months


  1. Smiling
  2. Laughing
  3. Cuddling
  4. Your toys
  5. Smashing your toys
  6. Any and all food
  7. Reading books
  8. Waking up beside your dad and me

You live your life carefree, determined, and full of love. I love that about you.


You are a generally easy going baby who doesn’t really dislike much except for the obvious “duhs”: being sleepy, being hungry, having a ridiculously dirty diaper, etc.

 Love you sweet girl. 


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