you + me 

I was going through old pictures today at my grandma’s house (as I often do) and came across this picture of me. 

It reminded me of you. Let me be honest, everything reminds me of you. 


Our short, blond baby hair, our dimple, our bottom baby teeth, our chunky little baby hands, our baby smiles. You look so much like me, but I can see your Dad in you. 

You are the sweetest, and I love everything about you.




The truth is, Love Bug, your mom is a terrible friend. At this time in my life I’m not sure why I’m a terrible friend. It could be a number of things, but I think it mainly consists of my lack of want for friends in the first place. 

I used to have a lot of friends, but in my mind I’ve been disappointed in failed friendships in the past so I stop seeking them for fear of yet another rejection. I have a really hard time getting close to people, letting people in, and trusting people. So, when I get rejected it stings more personally then it should. It seems like if I’m not dropping someone and really commit to the friendship they drop me. It’s a weird cycle I haven’t figured out yet. 

I wasn’t given many (if any) life tools. I really hope to teach you as many as I can so that you can be a confident, successful, level-headed adult. I have had to either teach myself or learn even the most basic life skills from your father.

Crazy, I know. But this all leads to why I don’t, you don’t, and your dad doesn’t have a relationship with my parents. That’s a conversation for another time. As I’ve stated before, everything I do is in your best interest. Please remember that if you ever think I’m being unfair or can’t quite figure out a situation.

I believe having friends is an important part of life. I believe friends are beneficial for a well-rounded life. So, I hope you will learn how to be a good friend. That is something I may never figure out.  Maybe you might help me become a better friend one day. 

But for today my motto on friendship is “no expectations; no disappointments”. 

I hope we’ll always be best friends.

8 month review

Hey Love Bug! It’s time for your monthly review, and you’re already 8 months! I know I’m doing the bare minimum here lately with your childhood memory blog. I’m trying to do better. But, I am soaking up every minute with you in real life!

 You are growing so fast, and you are so wild, so curious, so determined, so loving, and so sweet. 

I let you grow at your own pace. I let you do (most) things on your own terms. My philosophy is you will let me know when you’re ready for things and you really have. So, as your mom, I support, love, and encourage you as grow. 

I parent you so that you will become an independent, self-confident, comfortable, and successful adult. If you’re these things at 18, great. If you’re these things at 28, that’s okay too. I’ll be here to encourage, guide, be a shoulder to cry on, and be a rock to lean on until the day I die. I will be here for you whenever you need me. You’re my baby today, and you’ll always be my child. 

Please remember I am human and make mistakes. My intentions hold only good will and love. So, when I make a mistake please forgive me. My love is unconditional and your best interests are always my first priority. 

Happy First Mother’s Day

Weight: 17 pounds                            Clothes size: 0-3 months                (almost 3-6)                                          Diaper size: 2 (almost 3)


  • Crawling – you’re zooming around
  • Trying to walk – you’ve almost got it! You stood up on your own the other day with no support! Just you and a DVD case. 
  • Being adventurous
  • Eating carpet
  • Eating any and all food
  • The cat – you two are serious buds


You really don’t have many dislikes! I know as you get older these will develop. So, I’ll cherish these day to day easy going times. 

Oh, and before I forget you’re getting your first tooth! You’re doing great with it. 

Love. You.