Sunday Funday

 I’ve had a few ideas for blog posts this weekend, but I think I’ll just lump them all in to one nicely organized post.


Yesterday we went to your first USAPL meet in Apex, North Carolina. (You’re dad is a USAPL judge, volunteer, and he even competes sometimes!) 

 I think it’s safe for me to say you had a blast. You looked at everyone, met a lot of people, and helped me open up and not be my usual “clammy, self concious, introverted, with a side of nervous diarrhea of the mouth” person I usually am in public. 

You know that saying ‘your children teach you more than you could ever teach them’ (obvious paraphrase) ? Well, it is true. You are helping me overcome one of the hardest things I’ve tried to overcome for a very long time. Thank you. I hope we continue to learn from each other for the rest of our lives. 

French Open – 2016

I love tennis; I’ve loved tennis ever since I took my first (and hopefully not last) trip to Paris. The week I got back to the states the French Open began, and so began my love for tennis. 

Well, this morning we watched the men’s final, and yesterday (before we went to the powerlifting meet) we watched the women’s final. I have to say, the men’s final was such a good game. Very gripping. Leonardo DiCaprio was even in the audience! He has been my favorite…everything…for a very long time. I simply can not get enough of that man! 

Walking & your second tooth

And as you guessed it, as we were watching tennis you were being your usually wild self. Climbing on our leftover luggage. From there trying to climb on the tv stand. Climbing on the front of the tv stand. Playing with the cat. Finding paper to tear and chew on. Toys to play with. Books to look at, tear, and chew on. I love seeing you be so comfortable being yourself. I hope you never lose that. This world can be terribly judgemental and detrimental to uniqueness. 

But, you will be walking soon, and your second tooth has finally cut through. You looked cute with no teeth; you looked cute with one tooth, and you look adorable with two teeth.

Love you wild girl.



9 month review

It feels like a lifetime ago before you came into my life, yet it has been 9 months earth side, but I’ve known you, felt you, and loved you since January 2015. I couldn’t imagine my life any different than it is today. While there are material things that I wish were different, you are the light of my life, and your happiness and smile give me motivation to make our lives the best they can be. 

Weight: 17 pounds                             Diaper size: 3                                     Clothes size: 3-6 months


  • You love everything so this part is getting to be a little difficult. 
  • But you are really starting to enjoy playing in the tub. You’ve got bath toys, and you’re starting to figure it out.


  • Seriously the only dislike you’ve had for the past few months is putting on clothes. You love to run around naked, but most of the time I have to wrestle a diaper on you. Running around naked is your favorite. Running around in your diaper is your second favorite thing. 

Favorite Foods

You love to eat. You love to eat everything! I’m so glad that if I give you choices you eat all of them not just a few. You might eat your favorites first, but you’ll eat all of your food. 


Like I said, you love to eat, and you love green beans. 

I love you.